Our Commitment to Quality & Cocoa

When we started this journey we made a conscious choice to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible because we knew our main ingredient, Cocoa, would be coming from abroad. There are many Chocolate manufacturers to choose from but it was important to us to choose one that was Fair Trade Certified or better. We needed to know that the chocolate we are using comes from farmers who are getting paid fair & livable wages and that the companies we are supporting are both environmentally & socially conscientious as well as members of the World Cocoa Foundation.

We chose Callebaut and Guittard as our main chocolate sources with a small quantity of Valhrona. Guittard is Rainforest Alliance & Fair Trade Certified, and Callebaut goes above and beyond Fair Trade certification with their “Great Growing Chocolate” policy. We think their program is completely amazing. Valhrona also created a program entitled “Live Long”. Click on the links below for more information.

We do not add preservatives, wax, fillers, or cocoa thinners to any of our items. We blend different Cocoa percentages and manufacturers to find just the right consistency and flavor balance for each item we create. Every Truffle, Macaron, Caramel, and Bar is made by hand in our Cleveland Square facility to ensure quality control.

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