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Let me start by saying I love food, all types of food, but especially desserts. I was fortunate that my family liked to travel and I was exposed to a large variety of flavors at a very young age. While traveling around Europe I recognized that there were Patisserie (Bakery) and Chocolate shops on almost every corner and wished we had that at home. Oh, the smells!

Having worked in and around food most of my life I cultivated a passion for blending flavors and trying new things, but most importantly I learned that freshness was the key to everything.

I started making truffles as Holiday gifts back in 1993 for a small group of friends and family. What started as creative gift giving grew year after year until I realized that I was producing over 500 Truffles every Christmas and asking everyone to return the tins to be filled the next year. A couple of years ago, instead of putting the tins together myself I put all of the Treats out on the table and let them fill the tins with their own favorites. The look of excitement in all of their eyes thrilled me to my toes.

The following spring I decided to look into making Chocolates and Sweets as a business, and after a year of research, made a plan to move forward with my concept. I graduated from Ecole Chocolat’s Professional Chocolatier Program in October of 2010. Now, after nearly 2 years of recipe testing, site planning, construction, and life, we are finally open for business. I am excited to be able to share my passion with others using a product that most people love, Chocolate.

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