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May 2nd - National Chocolate Truffle Day

A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts, almonds or coconut), usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape.

Truffles were developed in France as a small chocolate ball made of ganache and rolled in cocoa. It was named after truffle fungus, that chocolates resembled. It is believed, that truffles were made by August Escoffier during the 1920s. One day his apprentice tried to make a pastry cream but accidentally poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolate chunks instead of the bowl of sugared egg. When chocolate and cream mixture hardened, Escoffier found, that he could form a lopsided ball with his hands. He rolled his creation in cocoa powder and was surprised with its resemblance to real truffles from France and Italy. The concept developed further and different fillings, as well as covers, were made.

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Lucy Gustafson
Lucy Gustafson