Recherche Du Plaisir

Mother's Day

Recherché du Plaisir, maker of award winning Chocolate, Confections, and Sweet Bites has created 2 new Truffles just in time for Mother’s Day. These Truffles use locally produced Ultra Cuvee Champagne in a triple white chocolate ganache with a splash of Tahitian vanilla. The Mimosa Truffle includes Orange Juice and the Kir Royale has Black Currant puree. These are creamy, tart and sweet, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Our Mother’s Day selection of French Macarons will include Rose & Berry, Hazelnut with Maple Bourbon, Almond & Orange Blossom, and Vindaloo spice with Apricot.

Gift boxes are available from 4 to 32 pieces with over 32 Truffles and 3 Caramels to choose from.

Lucy Gustafson
Lucy Gustafson